SuffelStocks™ Day 17

By Brandon M. Suffel Founder Breakfast at Midnight April 24, 2020

AT&T CEO plans to hand over the wheel on Jul. 1, what’s up with that? Macy’s in some BIG debt. And, does the sun have the power to stop the coronavirus?

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AT&T CEO plans for retirement

Randall Stephenson to Retire as AT&T CEO
From Left to Right: CEO Randall Stephenson and COO John Stankey

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, announced to the general public he plans to step down as the CEO, and relieve of his duties, then handing it over to President and COO John Stankey of AT&T. Stankey plans to take head of the ship on Jul 1.

AT&T is swimming in rough waters, and as of lately, the waters have only gotten choppier. Subscribers of AT&T service have slowly depleted over the years making the move to cheaper and better options.

CNBC – Stankey will take over AT&T as the company is navigating the Covid-19 pandemic while juggling a massive debt load, a mass loss of subscribers for DirecTV and its entrance into the streaming wars with the launch of HBO Max next month.

$T stock served a full-course meal in the market, just barely staying bullish in the market on a Friday, after another tough week. With a made small profit of just $0.21 (+0.71%)/share today, $T is having a-needed euphoric Friday.

CNBC – AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson to step down, COO Stankey to take over

Retailer Macy’s: facing some debt trouble

Macy's - Shop Fashion Clothing & Accessories - Official Site ...

Macy’s is supposedly using its own inventory and real estate as collateral. As their stores have been closed since the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak its havoc.

They’re in almost $5 billion worth of debt, letting go of almost 130,000 of its employees. Ever since stores have been closed as of Mar. 18.

They’re hoping to raise $3 billion in their collateral, and $1 to $2 billion in real estate.

Macy’s might just not be the same for shoppers once restrictions are eased, and then coming to a painful ending.

$M shares rest at a puny $5.02/share. Shares today traded much better in the afternoon, and overall finished with a solid gain of $0.13 (+2.66%).

Morning Brew – Companies Both Surging and Struggling Tap the Debt Markets

The Power of the Sun

sunny-beach - Purity Bridge

As the summer slowly approaches, and thoughts of sunbathing, warm beaches, and melting ice cream swarm our trapped thoughts, how are we so sure summer will ever be the same?

Sunlight is healthy, consisting of the important vitamins necessary to keep us alive–like vitamin-D; however the sun can also be deadly as heat can dehydrate you awfully quick. In the summertime, most viruses and infections tend to slow-down. For instance, flu, cold, and pneumonia symptoms tend to decrease. Could the novel coronavirus join this besieged group of life marauders?

A study done by ecological modelers at the University of Connecticut have found UV light (ultraviolet light) to be an effective weapon against the vindictive COVID-19 germ. Which has taken the lives of 196k individuals worldwide, ranging from all age groups. While the elderly seem to be the most at stake.

Scientists in the study, believe the virus will be least effective in warm-and-sunny temperatures. However, the virus still managed to spread in warm areas like Iran, Australia, and other warm countries stretching around the globe. And once the Fall turns the corner, how are we so sure the virus won’t come back, and swinging harder.

As days linger, and the virus continues its spreading rampage, more and more plausible, contradictive, and rambunctious solutions are shared. At this point, it sounds like desperate times call for desperate measures.

NYT – Could The Power of the Sun Slow the Coronavirus?


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