SuffelStocks™ Day 18

By Brandon M. Suffel Founder Breakfast at Midnight April 27, 2020

Apple to start using their own chips in 2021. Facebook and Zoom go head-to-head. Two Pot stocks greener on a Monday!

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Apple to use its own processors in 2021

Currently, Apple Macs use a core i5 processor. As of just recently, according to Bloomberg Technology, Apple plans to switch from using Intel i5 processors, and soon install Apple processors in future Mac products.

Next year, Apple plans to use one of its own chips in a new Mac product. Apple, and their agenda: Installing their own chips in their products, ensures more Apple.

$AAPL stock in the past month has smoothly recovered from sheer losses from sudden economic downturn. Today, shares were extremely volatile, after grabbing the news of technological independence. $AAPL stock reached $283.17 at the close, making a kind gain of (0.07%) just before trading hours ended.

Intel Corporation $INTC on the other hand, received the news without a chip on their shoulder. $INTC in trading hours started at a high of $59.62, until just before noon, shares fell to $58.42–warning investors of a possible sudden selloff. However, shares gradually recovered after lunch hours. And closed at $59.47.

The clash of video chat Titans

Facebook won’t go down without a fight. Just when the technology and social media industries want to bring Facebook down, they seem to always break-through. Even when the odds are against them.

Facebook recently introduced a new feature for users. A feature some may argue is awfully close to a Zoom video call. Through Facebook messenger, you now have the ability to video call with whomever you choose, and with however many you choose.

This feature can be accessed on the individual Facebook messenger application. And it sounds like Facebook’s stolen the casual group video chat sessions from Zoom.

Whereas Zoom focuses on video conferences. Also, Zoom is designed to be compatible as a classroom setting, compared to a Facebook video call setting.

Facebook serves over 2.37 billion active users. I’m sorry Zoom, but your mere 200 million users barely surpass Facebook, and the Facebook domination of the social network.

$FB stock today suffered sudden losses in market hours. Shares were barely able to keep up with the volatile selling and buying volume. By the final hour benchmark, shares made a preemptive fight to overcome a challenging Monday. Unfortunately shares fell even lower, to a final $187.50.

$ZM came to the fight prepared. $ZM gains of $5.80 (+3.65%), inches them closer to a $FB share price. $ZM stock in the after hours $164.20, indicates the fight will continue on tomorrow.

These guys

Canopy Growth Corporation and Tilray, Inc. both have had some tough recent months. Today however, they both shared unwarranted euphoria, and they seem to be richer than the day before.

$CGC shares in the past year have lost, and they’ve lost big. From almost $50 a share a year ago, shares currently rest at $17.53. Investors who though $CGC was the pot stock to go with, are now faced with a 66.42% share value loss. As for today, $CGC shares made a marginal gain of (+12.44%). Maybe a nudge to get them going once more.

$TLRY jumped on the same train as Canopy Growth in trading hours, and after the bell, ended up with a gain of (+4.09%). Also another nudge to possibly get the pot stocks moving bullish once again.


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