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May 21, 2020 Brandon Suffel

Last night, while I was doing my homework/looking for a new buy, I looked at the earnings calendar for Thursday (today). My interest varied in the businesses I came across. Many were performing poorly, and my initial goal’s to find the best buy for my portfolio–a business that will survive phases of pandemics. Here’s my buy for today.

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Go big or go home with $PRSP

The first piece of information was that after the closing bell, Perspecta was set to report their Q4 earnings for the year. The EPS estimate was $0.51.

My journey begins searching for more information on $PRSP, and I’m constantly envisioning $PRSP succeeding. And for a company who does work for the United States government, I suspect they’re important, so it wasn’t hard to imagine $PRSP faring well no matter any troubling turn of events.

I recently read that $PRSP is owned by many hedge funds, which I find intriguing. My subconscious fuels my emotions, treating all the trades like someone who owns a multi-billion market cap hedge fund. At this point, I’m so attracted to $PRSP at 4:00 AM, that my anxiety wouldn’t let me rest. What else was there to do? I figured to spend at least 45 minutes – to an hour – digging through company financial statements, balance sheets, income statements, and I think I found what I was looking for, after all.

$PRSP assets continue to grow along with the incoming revenue. Here, I’m deciding to put my chips into a relatively new company, and for what? I’m looking for a business like $PRSP who’s reinvesting their revenues into growing their asset column. Also, I’m looking at a business like $PRSP who’s willing to share dividends with its investors.

$PRSP shares today have moved between the $23-$24 range… they haven’t been able to break $24, however, after the ER was disclosed, shares jumped a dollar.

$PRSP 1Y Robinhood chart w/ MACD

As you can see, around March, $PRSP got hit pretty hard. Although $PRSP was hit hard in the March crash, the stock has gained momentum and Perspecta fared well after the losses. The IT service served more customers, reaping in satisfactory revenue from doing so, despite the bump in the road.


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