Suffel Stocks 31

May 22, 2020 Brandon Suffel

There are some new key positions that I’m holding onto. I want to document them whilst explaining why I made those decisions.

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$AYTU sell

I made an $AYTU position purchase at $1.46 share with the extra money in my account. I could’ve either saved that money for another stock (let it sit there) or put my money to work. What’s wrong with putting your money in a growing asset like $AYTU? I put myself in a key position, where whatever I was going to take away would help me build my portfolio – in the short run.

$AYTU 1D Robinhood chart w/ MACD

My original plan was to hold onto $AYTU as a long position for at least a week. However, I noticed right before the holiday the stock was up. I thought immediately that the company would start short after the holiday, I should probably exit with my current gains, and that’s what I proceeded to do.

After my exit, I was able to invest in another stock.

$LK buy

I’ve recently noticed that $LK has been trending lately, on bad news and on bad rumors. That can’t be good for the stock… at all. With what I had from my $AYTU sell, I bought into $LK at $1.37 hoping for a sudden bump.

$LK 1D Robinhood chart w/ MACD

A struck of luck hit the stock, it was up to $1.40 a share. I could either hold my position or get out. I chose to get out and invest what I had plus the gains.

$PLUG buy

Lately, $PLUG has been my favorite stock to own, it’s promised me the highest returns.

$PLUG 3M Robinhood chart w/ MACD

Unfortunately, $PLUG is suffering a minor dip – IMO – and there’s no better time to buy your favorite stock when there’s an opportunity. And this time, I had more liquidity from my profitable trades, helping to give me the opportunity to buy in.


I’ve also been following $ZNGA since its recent ER. I used to own shares before it broke the $8 threshold. I’m hoping the stock continues its upward trajectory. I’m definitely more bullish now that I own more shares.

$ZNGA 1Y Robinhood chart w/ MACD

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