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May 20, 2020 Brandon Suffel

Something big is on sale, all of you are too busy gambling with Penn National Gaming.

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Gambling with $PENN

I’ve already covered Penn before in another SuffelStocks post. I mentioned that Penns stock strongly attracts the youth. That is, college students who like to see their extra $50 of pocket change swing up and down. Robinhood has been a home for new investors, like myself, Penn gaming has become a popular buy on the platform as of just recently.

No more than an hour ago, someone personally came to me, and said, “buy Penn National Gaming!” Immediately I drew a simple why? Why are others seeing high promise in Penn and I am not?

Penn does fall on the cheaper side for new investors. It’s stock price, that rests under $30 — as of now — attracts youth. However, no matter the share price, your favorite stock may take a turn for the worst, you can still lose money.

Many stocks, such as Penn, have experienced a recovery from the March 2020 market crash. Around March 2020, Penn was listed relatively cheap. Shares drew under the $20 threshold, a great time for buyers to get in. Fast forward to today, shares broke the $25 threshold. Today is a happy day for Penn investors who bought in early.

$PENN 3M Robinhood chart w/ MACD

Why the sudden bounce? The answer ranges from federal reserve stimulus to a press release from Penn gaming commission, they plan to reopen 10 of their casinos in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Okay, let’s track back here a second… I forgot to address my inquiry earlier, why invest in Penn now?

In my opinion, I will not be investing in Penn gaming anytime soon. That is, until all sports return, casinos experience casual heavy traffic and, there’s something to gamble on. I don’t have a single doubt in my mind those casinos will be experiencing traffic, however, will it be the same as it once was? The answer is no. It’s no because 36.5 million Americans have filed unemployment in the past two months, and the sinister number continues to grow.

And who’s willing to gamble what little they have? Many don’t have work, others don’t have any savings and some just have nothing at all. And there’s the necessity putting food on the table, as of lately it’s been an exorbitant challenge for those struggling.

If those who wish to continue gambling what little they have, they can gamble on the sporting events returning in the summer. Is the industry guaranteed to survive the unpredictable curveballs thrown at us? With the cards we’ve been dealt with, probably not.

There it is, I don’t think $PENN is a goody buy, at least on my end. I can visualize the stock dropping after Q2 ER results for 2020, then going on sale.

If you’re looking for a good stock on sale, check out $KHC. The dividend payout is $1.60 quarterly with a yield of only 5.35%.

$KHC 5y Robinhood chart w/ MACD

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May 19, 2020 Brandon Suffel

Since I haven’t posted in over a week, taking a break, I took some time to think & try and understand what I want to learn from what I’m posting on here. Instead of commentating on stocks that make headlines, I want to grow my knowledge deciphering what’s considered an asset and what’s considered a liability when looking at businesses–suggesting what’s my best option to invest in. That doesn’t mean I won’t make inevitable mistakes along my journey.

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Jill Soltou Makes Progress At JCPenney, But Here's What Still ...

J.C. Penney recently filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Their recent motive is synonymous to the downslide of current economic conditions. Retail stores aren’t open for shoppers to go in and purchase items. J.C. Penney lost significant money from the lack of business and sales, as well their online retail services continued to struggle. Families are less worried about fashion trends than they are about putting meals on the table.

When I think of J.C. Penney as a business, I look to see how many assets they have and how much output they’re reporting (earnings). As of recently, sales have fallen into turmoil and business has faltered. They’re not a strong business to invest in because their dividends report no returns. I know that I wont make income from investing in this business. And I know that I’m gambling my finances hoping the business will appreciate in value after they’ve gone bankrupt.

Amazon has recently disclosed private information that they’re talking with J.C. Penney executives–alluding to a possible acquisition. Is this good business for Amazon? Sure, amazon could swoop up J.C. Penney retail services and acquire a portion of the online retail business. J.C. Penney would be bailed out of their bankrupt troubles. Executives of J.C. Penney would acquire some shares of Amazon stock, also leaving with a hefty bonus.

On the economic and job side of business, J.C. Penney employees would lose jobs. The product leftover in stock would sell on Amazon at Amazon’s rate, or never be sold at all.

I personally don’t see J.C. Penney as an asset anymore, unless they can find their way out of their own mess. They’re trying to invest in an REIT = Real estate investment trust. They plan to sell 30% of their stores–saving money on property tax; however losing consumer traffic in stores.

J.C. Penney went under the ticker of $JCP before 9:30 AM this morning. As of now, they’re under $JCPNQ. Most brokerages do not support purchasing shares of $JCPNQ at the moment; you can only sell your shares. To buy shares, OTC (over the counter) markets make them available.

Joe Rogan moves to Spotify

Joe Rogan posted on Instagram, this afternoon, he plans to move his podcast to Spotify indefinitely. If you plan to watch full shows, you must watch them on Spotify. Clips will continue to be available on YouTube.

Spotify accumulates new music listeners & subscribers every day. Some may argue they’re the best service out there; and others vouch for other services like Apple Music or Pandora.

Two years ago Spotify became a publicly traded company. Even after they became public, they continued to grow substantially. Many Spotify users advocate they provide the better service, like Joe Rogan for example, and others report they’re content with the services they have, oh well.

With Joe Rogans new move to Spotify, I wouldn’t be suprised if Podcast enthusiasts & entrepreneurs move in a similar direction. This brings great business to Spotify. And the more users they win over, that only adds a bigger buck to the dividend rewarded to the investor.

$SPOT 1D chart Robinhood w/ MACD

$SPOT killed today. I mean KILLED today. The stock was up $13.60 (+8.42%) in trading hours.

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May 12, 2020 Brandon Suffel

Rumors spread that Uber is trying to buy & take over Grubhub. Elon Musk won’t step down to Almeda county. He’s going in full force, and has already reopened the California factory like-it-or-not.

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Uber wants Grubhub

Last week, Uber reported their first quarter earnings. They mentioned their food delivery service: Uber Eats, contributes greatly to the company with food delivery more popular than ever.

Grubhub is Uber Eats number one competitor in the food delivery service market–without a doubt. In order to completely monopolize and control the sector of food delivery, Uber has decided to approach their competitor and make them an offer.

This news spread rampantly this morning seeping into the afternoon. A Bloomberg representative released the information to the public before Uber or Grubhub had a chance to do so. This news sent Grubhubs stock soaring in trading hours. Uber on the other hand, pared fewer gains to their stock, but I wouldn’t doubt once Uber accumulates Grubhubs business model, Uber share prices will be valued higher than today’s.

$GRUB May 12. Robinhood chart w/ MACD

News like this is good for Uber investors. Although we lose variety when investing in food delivery service companies, we know Uber’s new business model doesn’t mainly focus on a riding service. Food delivery is becoming more and more popular, especially in our current structure of society. Jobs have been made, restaurants continue to sell their goods, and Uber needs more capital to fuel this business model.

$UBER YoY Robinhood chart w/ MACD

$UBER stock was up 2.40% in trading hours. They’re down 1.23% in the after hours.
$GRUB stock was up 29.07% in trading hours. They’re down 2.96% in the after hours.

Elon Musk prevails

Elon Musk in the past few months has gone from an ideologue figure, to a controversial monument. His words speak volumes to his followers and to his critics. He doesn’t mind sharing his thoughts freely on Joe Rogans podcast for a second time. And he doesn’t mind selling his possessions. This is a man of true grit. Musk has made it his life’s work for efficient space travel.

Joe Rogan Experience #1470 - Elon Musk - YouTube

Almost a week ago, Elon Musk was at war with Almeda county officials, who sought to keep Tesla’s plant in California closed. Musk wants the plan opened, so he went to Twitter to make his verbal arguments heard and for the public to see firsthand what he’s dealing with.

From what I’ve read so far, Musk isn’t losing any battle, he’s only making fools out of those who’ve become hypocritical simpletons. You can’t argue with Musk ever, not on Twitter and not in real life. It only takes a few typed words and a push to the tweet button, and he has you.

Soon enough, President Donald Trump joined in on the Elon Musk fan club train. The president shared his concerns on Twitter.

So far the plant has been reopened, defying the orders made by Almeda county. Elon Musk on Twitter said this, incase any of the workers were to be charged or arrested…

We await more news from the motions Elon Musk took reopening the factory. I hope the best for him and his employees.

$TSLA stock in trading hours were down 0.23% and losses fared into the after hours.