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June 1, 2020 Brandon Suffel

It’s easy to be bullish in a bullish market

I would be lying if I said that I’m dissatisfied with the recent results my new portfolio has shown. May has been awfully kind to me and the new investors. Especially those incorporating a technical and fundamental analysis in your investing strategy.

To know your opponents mindset when playing a game of chess, you’re able to dominate them at every move. And with my technical and fundamental strategic mojo, I’ve been able to learn something new every day, and profit from the asset of desired knowledge.

I first believe that it’s important to have your heroes guide you in life, even if their presence is lacked. I like to carry an investment mindset like Warren Buffet and Bill Ackman, I also really like Michael Burry.

If you choose to be yourself, that’s how you can do it. Be authentic, don’t think of yourself as ordinary. The chip on the shoulder is there for a reason.

The future for security investors will always be an optimistic one. If there’s no sense of optimism when investing, why are we investing in the first place?

The current bull market is built on the oppression of pessimism, and fueled by the power of optimistic faith.

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Store Capital is an REIT – Real Estate Investment Trust, they were founded in 2011. Since then, their asset column’s continued to grow, shown in the balance sheet and the income statement. I found there’s a dividend return from investing in $STOR of 6.73%.

$STOR was a good buy on Friday May 29, 2020. Today, June 1, $STOR was up 7.55% leading up to today’s close.

$STOR 1D Jun. 1 Robinhood volume chart w/ MACD


Zynga’s been one of the leading app store game developers of the decade. I figure the rest of 2020 and the entire future ahead for $ZNGA will be bright. There will always be games to be played on the app stores!

$ZNGA was up over 10% last Friday! And today, they’re up 5.57% in trading hours and 1.04% in the after hours.

$ZNGA 1W Robinhood volume chart w/ MACD

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