Suffel Stocks 34

June 9, 2020 Brandon Suffel


If you happen to have an extra couple hundred dollars laying around in your sock drawer, now’s the time to put it to work.

I love spending my money, let’s not forget about that… but there are times when I sit down and think to myself, was it really worth it? Instead of spending $5 – $10 at a fast food restaurant, why not buy part of the fast food business instead. There’s also no need to spend an abundance of hard earned money on micro-transactions when you can invest in a business that will pay you dividends when making micro-transaction sales.

The entire investing process actually isn’t that hard. From the outside, sure, it may look like a bloodbath, however there’s also someone or something there to guide you. Don’t forget, resources are almost always available.

Here are some companies that I’ve chosen this week to invest in rather than letting my money rot in a savings account…


I personally don’t use Comcast as a provider for my internet services or as a cable provider. The last time I remember using them as a cable provider, I was no older than 8, and recklessly buying Disney channel episodes on my fathers credit card.

Since I adopted the stock market as my main pastime, I’ve payed dear attention to $CMCSA

And so far, from what I’ve seen, is a company that’s grown consistently, synonymous to its stock price.

The asset column continues to grow, same with its cash on hand.

If we really fell into a recession in February, then from this chart, I’m confident $CMCSA is capable of persevering valiantly.

$CMCSA 1Y Robinhood chart w/ MACD


Every time you go into a store and purchase a Coca-Cola, or when you’re next to a vending machine stuffing $1.50 for a chilling Coca-Cola, remember you’re not only making Coca-Cola money, you’re also making the investors money.

Coca-Cola appeals to all (pop, soda, whatever…) drinkers. It’s friendly brand ensures healthy alternatives for those who desire them. That’s why I love Coca-Cola. A company like Coca-Cola sincerely cares about its consumers.

Coca-Cola continues to expand into new territories worldwide, selling over 1.8 billion bottles per day!

In the past five years, Coca-Cola’s stock price has gone up $8.79. The stock price, listed under $50 is friendly, helping new investors pick affordable businesses for an inevitable return.

Although Coca-Cola is down for the year, there’s no doubt in my mind an investment in Coca-Cola will pay off. There’s a 3.28% dividend yield, so you will be payed to own Coca-Cola shares, meanwhile the price of your stake in the business makes you money as well.

$KO 1Y Robinhood chart w/ MACD


With 5g on the brink of sending the world into turmoil, Verizon communications joins the rest of the Brave New World.

There’s no surprise Verizon will find a way to take advantage of a recession, along with a worldwide deadly virus sweeping across the world, and now a wave of cultivating protests.

If you need a new phone, faster wireless speeds, or new-and-improved tech savvy products, visit your local Verizon store.

I’ve been a fond customer of Verizon for as long as I’ve had my first iPhone. I invest in friendly businesses with superb customer care, such as Verizon!

Besides the impeccable customer relations rapport, Verizon’s financial statements look phenomenal. The quarterly ER can attest to my recent claim. You also cannot fathom the 4.24% dividend yield.

Below is $VZ road to recovery from March’s market crash.

$VZ 3M Robinhood chart w/ MACD


I read in the WSJ Cinemark Holdings, Inc. plans to survive the pandemic, even though theaters have been closed since March’s lockdown.

They’d recently reported their quarterly earnings, suffering a significant loss of revenue, however their guidance represents an optimistic agenda.

The stock’s down 10% when I purchased a few shares. If $CNK believes they can survive and conquer the theatric market, triumph over the others like $AMC, then I’m all in.

I read the company financials regardless, and I wasn’t disappointed. Cash on hand and the assets have grown. Even though revenues are down for the quarter, there’s still time for revenue to grow while on the path to recovery.

Movie theaters have been taken for granted. And since the United States is reopening piece by piece, it’s more than likely theaters will be loved like once before.

$CNK 1D Robinhood chart w/ MACD

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