Who is our next President?

It’s been over two days since election night; however, we’re still awaiting the final results from swing states: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada.

Joe Biden, the Democratic newly elect president, fought courageously in the 2020 race. His opponent, Incumbent Donald J Trump, held strong leads up until this point. As of now, the Democrats have flipped Pennsylvania and Georgia from red to blue.

US Election 2020: Biden and Trump hit swing states - BBC News

I never imagined this in my entire life, the first time I witness an incumbent on the verge of losing their reelection! Sure, there is plenty of time for recounts in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and possibly others. And lawsuits from the Trump campaign are almost inevitable to follow the final results. I’d expect the Trump campaign to file lawsuits, just because that’s the nature of the black coat.

Donald Trump has fought vigorously, himself. The 2020 race to him was about uniting the Republican Party, oppressing Democrats, flaunting the idea of a failing American Socialist society, and the tricks Democrats will utilize to steal the election from his supporters. That’s in his nature; unlawful and ineffectual whining until he gets his way. However, this time he won’t have his best asset in his pocket, Roy Cohn.

Roy Cohn, on the right, one of Trumps prominent lawyers

Joe Biden, on the other hand, campaigned with a different strategy. One that I’d consider a master plan. The Democratic presidential candidates from the 2020 race worked together to get their nominee in office & it’s worked. Biden was able to unify his party and exemplify a strong message of unification to voters.

What’s there to expect after all of this is over? We don’t exactly know. Hopefully, whoever does end up holding office after the Inauguration in January, the country can once again unite. That’s the important message here. No matter what, no matter your political affiliation, and no matter who’s sworn in, we need to unify.