How to (actually) Achieve your New Years Resolution

By Btays
Contributing Writer
December 31, 2020

“Make it Happen”

Several practices that sound pleasant, in theory, are usually the most difficult to commit too. Working out, reading for at least 20 minutes a day, and quitting a detrimental habit are a few examples of the maxim easier said than done.
I presume that many of you have concocted life-altering 2021 new years resolutions in your head and envisioned accomplishing them. I also predict that half of you, unfortunately, will fail to achieve such arduous goals that you have conceived. Those who try to embrace a resolution for themselves tend to envision the victory and omit the inevitable laborious process, which comes before that glorious moment.
The once ambitious goal-setter, consequently, grows overwhelmed by the unforeseen challenge and quits his goals entirely. Success is not a linear line. There will be periods when temptation vigorously arises and seems too overwhelming to conquer.
The solution is to visualize these stressful times, fully prepared. Perceive these hardships as signs that the process is in full effect. Also, reiterate to yourself that your goal is a year’s worth of work. You should be in no rush to perfect your resolutions. With that in mind–acknowledging small victories is pivotal for your endeavor. Realizing your progress and healthily rewarding yourself will inspire you to keep moving forward. 2021 can only be your year if you check off the months one at a time.

Happy New Year,


Author: Brandon Suffel

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