Grandpa’s Panasonic Radio

There’s nothing better than having a view from the top floor of your apartment. Especially when you live in a silent place and the new season is beginning to take form. In times like these, I find the art of relaxing to be vital. And what better way to relax than sitting at your desk, checking out the tips of the trees with your own Panasonic Radio from Grandpa.

My Grandpa is a man of many tales who bears many gifts. And there is no gift that competes with the Panasonic Radio he left me with the last time I’d seen him. We were sharing our favorite meal together; A deep dish Jet’s pizza with extra cheese—just how he likes it. And unfortunately for the both of us, the power was out so there was nothing left to do but converse and listen to the Panasonic Radio. We listened to the radio without any clue as to what would come next. That’s the way we liked it. There’s nothing more relaxing than sweet jazz playing in the background, as Grandpa shares his stories again about traveling with Grandma all over Berlin Germany together. He never fails to share, “the KGB agents on the train never said a word or gave a smile, but I knew they thought your Grandma was beautiful because I always caught them staring.” I always chuckle at this one line, not only because of how true it is, but because of how confident he is when saying it. Grandpa is a man of truth and he never lies.

On my way out of the door, the power magically turned back on. “Oh well, would you look at that Brandon” he says. I couldn’t help but smile at him. “That’s okay Grandpa, I’m sure the Tigers game is still on and you’ll have something to watch besides listening to the game on the radio” I said back. “Well, I don’t need it anymore, why don’t you take it back to school with you.” As much as I love all the gifts my Grandpa has given to me, how could I take his precious Panasonic Radio away from him? “That’s alright, Grandpa. Surely you’ll need it another time.” I replied. But he insisted that I take it with me and it was important to him. So, there I was, standing in the doorway and just one more step closer out of the door, and now equipped with a Panasonic Radio.

On my way back to school, there was no battery left to be spared on my speaker for the car ride home. I turned on the radio and tuned it to my favorite classic rock channel. This was going to be a good ride and I knew it. The Panasonic Radio sat there in my passenger seat silent and mute but with good memory of time well spent with Grandpa.

And so on a cool day in the evening, you can look out your window and see the Panasonic Radio on your window seal… you can tune the radio to your favorite channel, relax, and lay back. Let’s enjoy the sound of music for the old timers sake.